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INPUT 1974

Setting the scene for 1974:

  • MUAC: Hannover sectors were transferred to Maastricht, with a division level of FL245 (24500 feet). The Hannover sectors comprise the northern part of (West) Germany.
  • Fire breaks out in the Joelman Bank Building in São Paulo, Brazil; 177 dead, 293 injured, 11 die later of their injuries;
  • A soccer stampede occurs in Cairo, killing 49;
  • A Turkish Airlines DC-10 travelling from Paris to London crashes in a wood near Paris, killing all 346 aboard;
  • Charles de Gaulle Airport opens in Paris, France;
  • 29 years after the end of World War II, the last Japanese soldier surrenders in the Philippines;
  • French President Georges Pompidou dies;
  • The largest series of tornadoes in history, hits 13 U.S. states and one Canadian province. 149 tornadoes kill 315 people;
  • ABBA win the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, England;
  • In Israel, Golda Meir resigns as Prime Minister;
  • In Germany, Chancellor Willy Brandt resigns. Helmut Schmidt succeeds him.
  • India successfully detonates its first nuclear weapon, becoming the sixth nation to do so;
  • An explosion at a chemical plant in Flixborough, UK, kills 28 people;
  • West Germany beat the Netherlands in the 1974 FIFA World Cup final;
  • An IRA bomb damages Westminster Hall, London;
  • Isabel Peron becomes president of Argentina, when her husband Juan Peron falls seriously dies;
  • The Greek military junta government collapses;
  • French acrobat Philippe Petit walks across a high wire slung between the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York;
  • U.S. President Richard Nixon becomes the first US president who resigns, following the Watergate schandal. Gerald Ford succeeds him;
  • An express train bound for Germany from Belgrade derails in Zagreb, Yugoslavia (now Croatia), killing more than 150 passengers;
  • TWA Flight 841 crashes into the Ionian Sea after take off from Athens, after a bomb explodes in the cargo hold, and kills 88 people;
  • A TWA B727 near Dulles International Airport during bad weather, killing all 92 people on board.
  • Darwin, Australia is almost completely destroyed by Cyclone Tracy;
  • Volkswagen Golf enters production as the replacement for the Beetle;
  • World population reaches 4 billion;

1974 - Issue 1 (January)

  • UK Staff on detachment
  • Special group on Medical questions
  • Public Relations
  • Inter-Centre Liason

1974 - Issue 2 (March)

  • OPS Committee issues
  • Study on the Roster Problem
  • Draft Agenda AGM 1974
  • Duty flight anno 1932
  • To whom it may concern
  • Liason visit by the Amsterdam Guild
  • Report from the treasurer

1974 - Issue 3 (June)

  • Report from EGATS President
  • Guild Activities
  • IFATCA 1974
  • Fam. Flight
  • Goch News
  • Working Group (Medical)

1974 - Issue 4 (September)


  • S.S.T.