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OPS Breakfast

With the introduction of the new ops roster from 01/10 it was clear that it would be very difficult to continue with the provision of breakfast in the same way it was done in the past. Although the roster is still called "Team Based" it has become impossible for the responsible persons in the different teams to figure out when they were supposed to arrange breakfast and who they should approach for that.

So the time had come for the board to decide if we would continue with the provision of the breakfast. We all agreed at the latest meeting to do so, but to change the procedure completely.

From Monday a list with dates for the breakfast will be posted at the EGATS message board outside the opsroom. If you are willing to provide breakfast for a specific date, please fill in your name. It will then also be indicated on the white board behind the AtDSUP position in the ops room, so everybody can see that there will be breakfast.

For your convenience we've compiled a shopping list  which you can use as a guideline.

If you have provided the condiments you will be able to claim your money straight from the EGATS treasurer by filling in the form (updated!) and handing it in together with the receipts. Keep in mind there will be a maximum reimbursable amount of  €40/day or €80/weekend - the cost is split 75/25 between EGATS and TUEM respectively.

We will evaluate the response and see how things progress. Hopefully there will be many volunteers and this procedure will assure the continuation of the breakfast service.


EGATSBreakfastShoppingList.pdf74.54 KB
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