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AGM 2013 Announcement

The EGATS Annual General Meeting 2013 will be held on March 25th 2013, at 20:00h in the Maastricht UAC, room D3.13

Update 06MAR2013: the agenda, the reports and the proxy form can now be downloaded (as pdf). If you really cannot attend, make sure to provide a proxy to someone who can [each member can only have ONE proxy for another member].

For applications to join the Executive Board, the filled out “Nomination Form” has to be returned before 13.02.13 to the EGATS locker or directly to Michael Ott (Team H4). You can ask any board-member to get a nomination form, get it from the Winter 2013 edition of the Output, or download it here.

As we plan to update the constitution and bylaws of the association, we need a lot of members present in order to have a quorum. Please be there or hand in your proxy in time!

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