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Executive Board Meeting November 2008

Our last board meeting was held on 8th November and we discussed the following items:

Results from survey
We received 60 votes, which means only 13% of the membership replied. We discussed the suggestions made for a re-organization of EGATS and hope for more input from the membership. Frederic proposed to organize a forum/meeting between pilots and controllers in order to make EGATS more interesting again. The board decided to collect more ideas, think about the suggestions and discuss them in our future meetings again.

Breakfast situation
The distribution of the breakfast on the weekends is very unreliable. Michael suggests to make a public list on our board where volunteers can put their name down. Like that people can see before if there will be breakfast and it hopefully motivates people to volunteer. The money can be claimed individually with Steven and the total amount spent shall not exceed 75€. Further info will be published via elink.

Roster Revision Group
Michael gives a summary of the work being done. The board concludes that the highest priority should be given to the development of a roster tool for Ops staff.

NFDPS is still looking very promising and the board hopes that the implementation on 12.12 will be a success.

Financial crisis
Steven confirms after talking to our banks, that the EGATS accounts are insured up to 100.000€.

Buy Controller magazines for other membership associations (MA)
This is done already by the Australians for example. The Controller Editor (Ph. Domogala) will approach EVP Africa for us to find out which MA is interested.

IFATCA European conference 2008
Frederic and Raf report about their mission. There will be an article in the next output as well.

IFATCA annual conference in Dubrovnik
The board started the planning for the missions to the annual conference next year.

Logo competition
Robert will include our logo competition in the next output.

Please check as well our winter edition of the next output to follow the work being done in the executive board.

Thank you very much,