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EGATS Membership Survey

At this years' AGM, it was decided to poll the EGATS membership on whether EGATS should continue in its present form or not. For a number of years, interest of the members in EGATS activities seems to have decreased. Final drop was the AGM attendance this year (3 members outside the EB attended!).

If you haven't done so already, please take 2 seconds to fill in this survey and return it to the Executive Board via

or via the EGATS locker

Executive Board Meeting 27 MAY 2008

At this years' AGM, everyone present [insert sarcasm]  thought regular updates on what the Guild was doing sounded like a good idea. So, here's the first one: a short summary of what was discussed at the last Executive Board meeting on  27/05:

EGATS Internal
Internal communication within the board needs to improve. Only then can we work on better communication with the members. The poor attendance at the latest AGM may have consequences. More about this in the next Output.

New Roster
The board intends to keep a close look on the final details of the roster proposal, as there are still a lot of uncertainties.

Space Management
There is a new phase in the Space Management project with an architectural study for a new building extension. Input from EGATS has been made by Vince Poty and we await the final results.

New website

As you can see, we're re-working the EGATS website. The old site had been online since a few years, but was becoming very hard to maintain. We clocked off at just under 1.000.000 visitors in less than 5 years that the site was online!

Using a new content management system (Drupal) hopefully we'll be able to add stories and things more frequently.

A contact sheet should be up soon, in case you want to tell us something (or god-forbid: help out with anything ;-)

Items from the old website will be added (slowly) in the next few days/weeks/months. So check back regularly.

What is an Honorary Member?

Honorary members are persons, who have rendered noteworthy service to Air Traffic Control or Air Navigation in general or to EGATS in particular. Such persons will be proposed by the Executive Board as Honorary Members to the General Meeting.

Currently, EGATS has three honorary members: Geoff Gillet, Jan Gordts and Philippe Domogala. All three of them were past presidents of the Organisation.

Honorary Members are exempt from having to pay membership fees.

When is my membership fee due?

Membership fee is due in JANUARY of each year Please make sure you pay on time. Look elsewhere in the Frequently Asked Questions for the consequences if you don't! Or read the Bye-Laws: they are really interesting. No really, they are!

What if I still don't pay?

Again to quote from the bye-laws (you should try reading them some time): If no payment has been received by April 1st , it will be assumed that the member no longer wishes to continue his membership of the Association and thus will it will be terminated without further consultation and without invoking the suspension/expulsion procedure.

What if I still don't pay after the reminder?

Allow us to quote from the bye-laws:

What happens if I don't pay in time?

You will receive 1 (one!) reminder if you haven't paid by the 31st of January. You might get a second one, if the treasurer is in a good mood. You WILL NOT get a third one!

What account can I use to pay my membership fee?

The account is:

Bank ABN/AMRO Bank Beek(LB) The Netherlands

If I cancel my membership, can I get a refund of my membership fee?

No (paragraph 2.8.5 of the bye-laws)